1. Advise to copy latest backup file to cloud before factory reset on phone. Backup vanished after factory reset. Lost 1yr+ data.

  2. Add an IOS app for the Apple Iphone/Ipad users  ·  declined

  3. Allow using mysql as backend but using php script like app gnu cash remote from market. Using php script to access data in mysql database

  4. save data in same .gnucash-file like on desktop version. This will make sync over devices easy and intuitive (e.g. inside a git repository)

  5. Importing GnuCash XML

  6. two way sync un the cloud. use of several devices for one file, that way a business or family can add data.  ·  planned

  7. Transaction Classifications

  8. Add a text console/terminal  ·  declined

  9. I would like to have a report showing balances of all the accounts as on a specific day to enable us to reconcile with actuals.

  10. Shortcut key to jump registered tab  ·  declined

  11. Export Invoices to LaTeX

  12. wildcard match to assign accounts on import

  13. Easy sinc Android and PC

  14. import QIF OFX CSV format  ·  declined

  15. Pre-fill descriptions in post invoice dialog box

  16. Fix Major Budget Bugs in Windows  ·  declined

  17. Synchronization throught devices using open source services as owncloud or seafile? (everybody is using privative software like dropbox).  ·  started

  18. Password e svecchiamento archivi

  19. Provide support for importing historic stock quotes

  20. Transaction templates, so we can store frequent but non-periodic transactions, and add them with a single tap. Suggestions are not enough.  ·  under review

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