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Importing GnuCash XML

GnuCash Android supports importing your GnuCash XML files so you can continue to work with your personal account structure on-the-go. 

The GnuCash XML file will be imported as a separate book within the application. But it is advisable to make a backup of your data before proceeding.

In order to import your GnuCash XML, you need to do the following. 
  • Open the navigation drawer and tap "Open..."
  • Select the file you wish to import
  • Done
Since GnuCash v2.1.0, the "Open..." menu item displays only file providers which are compatible with the Android Storage Access Framework.
If you cannot see your favorite file provider there, then you need to go through legacy file opening method as follows:
  • Open "Settings --> Accounts --> Import GnuCash XML"
  • Select the file you wish to import
  • Done
Happy bookkeeping!

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