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    Temerald commented  · 

    Those who don't care about organization, will not need or want GnuCash. Those who do, are clearly of the personality type to want control.
    If I select View->Sort by->Date of Entry, GnuCash still forcibly and constantly organizes the entries by: Date, Num, then Description. In that order. This is highly aggravating. Watching my transactions change order because I've renamed Description?
    I want control of the sort order:
    There's a field visible in double line view, just under the Date field. How about making that an Index field. The starting number is set in the New/Edit Account dialogue box. The index number would auto increment for every new transaction entry. So when I import my CSV file, GnuCash doesn't change the order. Here's a few suggestions of how to manipulate the order: 1) Edit the Index number directly to change it's position, e.g., if you want to put transaction 107 in position 105, you simply change the 107 to a 105. What was 105 becomes 106 and so on. Simple and effective. 2) After clicking on the Index field, using the +/- keyboard keys will move it up and down. There's lots of ways to have fun!
    Let me know what you think?
    I'd like to be able to use my Number field for my own purposes, and not a band-aid to prevent GnuCash from undoing my hard work.

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