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  1. Encrypted remote storage of files

  2. Easy sinc Android and PC

  3. Create a Windows 10 Universal App with OneDrive sync and ability to have multiple users input in the same DB from different devices.  ·  declined

  4. Cleaning up payment lots  ·  completed

  5. Please. Place a countdown timer with adjustable time to lock the application or other solution.  ·  under review

  6. make it easy to switch from Quickbooks.

  7. add a relative period option before end date in reports

  8. Add more directory options for opening/importing files.

  9. I would like to have a report showing balances of all the accounts as on a specific day to enable us to reconcile with actuals.

  10. Change DBI test for mysql to allow proper read-only

  11. Lock an account

  12. same database required for mobile & desktop its very cumbersome activity to export import check data which was wasting lots of time

  13. Shortcut key to jump registered tab  ·  declined

  14. Multiple attached URLs / identifiers per transactions

  15. Import/export bugs

  16. Include Customer Number as an optional field for Customer Listing and Customer Summary reports

  17. Add a text console/terminal  ·  declined

  18. Setting to change default date to date of last entry. This would make it easier to enter data retroactively.

  19. Sarebbe utile inserire una ricerca per data ( esempio: Dal 01/01/2023 al 31/03/2023 quanto ho speso in Abbigliamento?)

  20. Advise to copy latest backup file to cloud before factory reset on phone. Backup vanished after factory reset. Lost 1yr+ data.

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