1. Allow csv import of historical quotes

  2. same database required for mobile & desktop its very cumbersome activity to export import check data which was wasting lots of time

  3. Lock an account

  4. Change DBI test for mysql to allow proper read-only

  5. Advise to copy latest backup file to cloud before factory reset on phone. Backup vanished after factory reset. Lost 1yr+ data.

  6. Allow the database to be secured by way of a password

  7. Transaction Classifications

  8. Import-Export Client & Supplier Details  ·  under review

  9. Reassociate already existing transactions with a bill/invoice  ·  completed

  10. bank account for invoice printing

  11. Permit the start and end of an accounting period to be specified as a particular day in the month, or as a particular date within the year

  12. Add an IOS app for the Apple Iphone/Ipad users  ·  declined

  13. save data in same .gnucash-file like on desktop version. This will make sync over devices easy and intuitive (e.g. inside a git repository)

  14. Allow using mysql as backend but using php script like app gnu cash remote from market. Using php script to access data in mysql database

  15. Add Classes To HTML Report

  16. two way sync un the cloud. use of several devices for one file, that way a business or family can add data.  ·  planned

  17. Categorize multiple transactions at once

  18. Autofill Feature should show a Drop Down List


  20. Allow for multiple companies (subsidiaries), and for consolidated accounting

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