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How can I recover my data?

GnuCash Android makes a backup every time you delete all accounts or transactions, or when you explicitly create one.
In order to recover your data from a backup use the following steps:
  1. Go to Navigation Drawer Menu and click "Settings"
  2. Click on "Backup and Export"
  3. Tap "Restore backup..." and you will be displayed a list of backups for your book
  4. The backups are listed according to the time when they were made. 
  5. Select any one of the backups and your data will be recovered in a new book in the app.
You can now choose to continue working with the new book, or to go back to be previous book (pre-restore state) using the book switcher menu. 

This is especially helpful after exporting and deleting transactions, only to realize that the export file was not properly processed in the destination app. You can attempt to export again.

If you ever need to get out of a data jam, now you know how to!  

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